February 14, 2023

How I Grow Your Business With Business Development

Grow Your Business

The easy part of wanting to grow your business is thinking about bringing in new clients, new revenue and sustainable partnerships for your business’s long-term success. 

The challenge is overcoming the uncertainty and sometimes the unbelievable discomfort it takes to achieve that.

Here’s what I do to help grow your business with Business Development;


I review your business plan, trajectory, culture, employee journey, customer experience, brand, reputation, and resources and asses if you are actually ready for growth. 

There are always small gaps which are very typical. Once we define what and where these gaps are, I work with you to find the right solutions/fit, and we bridge the gaps to better prepare your business for growth.


When your business is ready for growth, I research markets, potential clients and competitors.

Researching leads involves delving into their characteristics, needs, mapping decision-makers, reputation, pressures in their market and if they are the right fit for you. 

Build Relationships

I build relationships with your potential clients, introduce and qualify your business, set up meetings and forward contacts, emails, and other beneficial information to you. 

I remain available as the intermediary addressing needs and attending meetings/presentations while relentlessly pursuing new business opportunities.

When I am confident the engagement with your new client is solid, you take the lead.

Stay Relevant

It takes years of crafting the skill and expertise to make a first impression on a cold lead. 

Most times, you have one opportunity to make an impact amongst many other businesses targeting the same potential client. You want to avoid getting into a price war to win business, so it’s crucial to build the relationship first and through a Business Development Specialist. 

Business Development is a strategic and long-term investment in any business. Though our motivation is to win new business, the sale results from great Business Development built on a solid relationship.