November 25, 2022



Customers have become savvier and more sophisticated. They have every right to expect fast, valuable, exceptional customer experience in exchange for products/services. Personalisation is key. They’re not tolerant of irrelevant or overwhelming messaging in this highly competitive environment. If they have a mediocre experience the first time, they’ll switch. 

The Importance of Research in Personalisation

Personalising the customer journey is an effective element used in Business Development to make a memorable first impression and create a positive customer experience. Due to the rapid speed and accessibility of information, we can now research and collect tailored data to peak customers’ interest and offer targeted solutions to their needs and problems. 

If a web developer or SEO expert called me tomorrow, for example, and said, “Hello Paul, I know you’re a Business Development Expert for Bigger is Better. I loved your recent post on winning your big new client on Instagram.” That would undoubtedly engage my attention. I’d be more inclined to hear the rest of what they say because they’ve gone out of their way to do the research.

An Approach Based on Personalisation

When you reach out to potential clients, personalise your message by addressing the receiver by name and show you’ve done your research. For example, you could mention an exciting change in their business or a news article you recently read about them. It shows you’ve done your research and you’re genuinely invested in building a relationship. The effort you put into personalisation isn’t for one transaction. You’re creating a long-term relationship based on trust and appreciation. 

Include information about how you can add value to their needs/underserved segments and add examples of similar work you’ve done before so they can visualise the benefit. Refrain from elaborating on your history, and why you’re so great, you’ll lose their interest. If your first impression has made an impact, they’ll research you.

Stay informed about your potential client’s business and industry so you can adapt and tailor your message to keep adding value as new developments or changes occur. The best way to do this is by being a sponge of industry knowledge. If you pick up relevant information in research, conversation, news etc., note them ASAP to evolve your personalisation as the relationship grows. Securing a meeting or closing a deal doesn’t happen overnight but building trust and showing you’re invested in helping and adding to their growth will keep you front of mind.